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Dec 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
passing. world leaders from president obama to the u.n. secretary general, ban ki-moon, offered prayers and remembrances. but mr. mandela held on this summer. by the time of his 95th birthday on july 18th, with crowds gathered outside his hotel room to sing to him, to celebrate his life, mr. mandela was described by then as responding to treatment and his doctors said he was steadily improving. by august, mr. mandela was breathing normally. and although he was still battling the lung infection that had hospitalized him in the first place, in august, he was -- excuse me, on the first of september, he was discharged from the hospital, so that he can continue to receive intensive care at home, in johannesburg. after he died at his home today in johannesburg, his home there is where south africans have gathered tonight to pay their respects. joining us now is nbc news africa correspondent, rohit, thank you very much for being with us. what can you tell us just about the scene where you are and the reaction there? >> reporter: well, rachel, a quite extraordinary picture behind us. it's 4:00
Dec 9, 2013 6:00pm PST
obama and first lady michelle obama boarded "air force one" to start the long, 16-hour flight to south africa, where they will attend the memorial service for nelson mandela that will be held tomorrow morning. as we speak, world leaders from every corner of the globe are on their way to south africa for that memorial service and for the funeral and the other events that are going to take place there over the next few days. the american delegation to south africa includes not only president obama and the first lady, but also three former presidents, george w. bush will be there and president clinton and jimmy carter. this appears to be on the second time in u.s. history that that many presidents, four living presidents, will be together, somewhere outside the united states. the only other time that has ever happened in history was at the funeral of jordan's king hussein back in 1999, when the president was bill clinton and he was joined by three of his presidential predecessors. but four u.s. presidents all together, all at once, that will be part of the remarkable scene tomorrow
Dec 3, 2013 9:00pm PST
before the obama administration carried it out, but that doesn't carry well on world net daily or presumably with jeb bush. take care, jeb bush, maybe it is too crazy to be true, and you should take it easy. and today, the craziest story was the dead mice being parasuited into guam to combat snakes. the story says at anderson air force base, in guam, they want to control the street snakes because brown tree snakes are not native, there's no natural predator to keep them in check. turns out the snakes are vulnerable to acetminphene. so the government has been dropping thousands of dead mice loaded with tylenol into the trees in guam to be poisonous debate for the snakes. the person running the program is a director of supervisory wildlife biology. his name is dan vice. actually, this story is true. >> u.s. department of agriculture assisted state director wildlife biologist dan vice explains the process that is proving successful at controlling the ground tree snake population. >> what we're going to be watching is the aerial delivery of toxins from the helicopter. the helicopter i
Dec 7, 2013 3:00am PST
everybody, improving our education system, making college more affordable, competing in the world economy, dealing with questions of war and peace, those are not things that chris matthews or barack obama can solve by ourselves. by necessity we're going to have to do those together. and if we can at least agree on that and agree that our system of self-government allows us to come together to take on those big problems, then we can figure out the specific policies. that's where we can compromise and negotiate. but what i will not compromise on is the idea, for example, we shouldn't have 41 million people in this country without health insurance. that i won't compromise on. that's where it gets to who are we as a country and my own sense of what my responsibilities are as president of the united states. >> we're almost done. i have to ask you a little question you may not like to answer. this could be tough. the qualities required of a president. vice president joe biden, former secretary of state hillary clinton. compare and contrast. >> not a chance am i going there. here's what
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)